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Atlantic salmon smolt
Minimum water requirement
Full control of production parameters
Stable predictable production
Optimal sanitary conditions
Isolation from environmental ande climate related factors
Allow production at optimal location
Capatures 90% of the solids produced in the system
100% fish escape control
Reduced environmental impact
We will help to reduce climate changes with clean and controlled production processes. Our fish factory will recirculate 99,5% of the sea water by using the latest RAS Technology. The energy running this factory will be 100% powered by stable renewable energy sources; from sun, wind and water. Fortunately «Sørlandet» is the sunniest place in Norway. And we are planning on utilizing this nature-given gift to the maximum.

The RAS Technology

Learn more about the advantage of RAS technology in the video.

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Supplying the World with Protein

A growing population and higher welfare increase the need for protein-rich food.  We can help to meet some of this demand by supplying healthier protein.

Our goal is to produce 24 000 tons for salmon, which amounts to an estimated total of 250 000 meals per day loaded with high Omega-3, vitamin B and antioxidants. Fish is good for people.

Did you know that salmon has a super-efficient growth rate compared to other animals?

Fish illustrationHen illustrationPig illustrationCow illustration
Protein Retention
Carbon footprint
kg CO2 / kg edible meat
Fish illustration
2,9 kg
Hen illustration
2,9 kg
Pig illustration
2,7 kg
Cow illustration
5,9 kg
Feed conversion ratio
Salmon utilizes must of the feed it consumes to growing bigger, turning about 1,1 kg feed to 1 kg of growth.
Fish illustration
Hen illustration
Pig illustration
Cow illustration

Keeping our planet clean

It is important for us to keep our planet clean for generations to come. Working with keeping our Oceans clean, free for plastic and pollution, minimizing our carbon footprint and managing our waste properly is a step towards a better planet.

Recycling of all the water and bioproducts is a fact for us.
We aim to involve and engage the local community so that we together will act to find solutions to clean our planet. We believe that little by little we can make right on all the wrong doings.

Atlantic salmon
Atlantic salmon

Keeping our fish happy

The Atlantic salmon is an incredible fish, that has given us the chance to create a huge success story in Norway. We want to keep this story going. Therefore, we intend to establish a stable environment for the fish  with less stress, no lice, no algae and no disease.

Proximity to key European markets

Proximity to key European markets gives reduced transportation time and reduced emissions compared to other land-based locations

Keeping our nature untouched

Our fish factory will demand space in an already industrialized area. By recycling this already used piece of land. Farsund will become the home of our brand new BREEAM-NOR certified facility.  

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings. We will build sustainable buildings and environments that make it better for people to live and work in them, but also help protect the natural resources and areas to make them more attractive property investments.

Learn more about BREEAM

Sustainable development goals illustration

Working together with the rest of the world

United Nations has made an agenda of Sustainable goals  to be reached by 2030. Even though we meet many of these goals already,  goals  3, 8, 12, 13 and 14 are prioratized as the most important SDGs for Baring. As a producer of seafood these are the areas we find most significant and were we can impact the most. Goals 15, 11, 9, 5, and 2 are also goals that we believe we also will impact positively

Learn more about 17 Goals to Transform Our World

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