Farsund AS

Atlantic salmon
The idea arised and project planning started
Baring was established.

The projects location was secure an agreements with Farsund was signed.
Concession and zone permits applications were started
Concession applications were presented to Agder County
Zone plan was presented
Planning project was completed.
Zone plan was granted.
Engineering interaction face starts, estimated completion by Q3
Concession granted
Expected Building start
Q2: Production start up
Southern Norway has a long tradition of trading with the rest of Europe. Farsund grew around a protected harbor, and has through times given shelter to Viking merchant’s ships. But people have been living here since the stone age, and they have left a legacy behind for us to see.

Baring aims to become the wold's most sustainable salmon supplier. Our Farsund location gives us the advantage and possibility to further expand in our pursuit of sustainable food production. No less important is the huge advantage of moving the fish products quickly. The rest of Europe is only a boat ride away.  We aim to carry on the long trading tradition that our forefathers started, and pass it on to coming generations.

Baring Farsund
Baring Farsund
Baring Farsund

Modern technology

Our factory will be built with state of the art technology from RAS systems, delivered by Billund Aquaculture. We estimate 1st building phase to 37 000 m3, and 200 000 m3 for completed project. Thar will give us a capacity of a total of 24 000 tons of salmon.
Expected build start is 1st quarter 2022.

Water consumption

Sea water will be fetched from the deep-sea currents outside Farsund, in order to secure a constant supply of clean seawater. The fresh water needed for the production will be partially covered by desalination of seawater. With membrane technology, 99,5% of the water will be recycled through mechanical and biological cleaning processes.

Cleaning technology will purify and disinfect the water and keep it free from harmful virus and bacteria.


The produced solid waste will be retained and rinsed with the best available technology before returning the water to the open sea. Modeling have been done to specifically choose the perfect place to release the seawater that is used on this factory. We aim to do no harm or change the humble flora or fauna that exist along our seashores.


The waste or mud that is collected is considered a resource by us. We have  already made agreements to deliver this mud to a plant for biogas production.


The salmon production will be carefully divided into separate growing stages, giving us full control over the fish health and biology. We aim to produce 24 000 tons of salmon, which amounts to an equivalent of 250 000 meals per day.

Processing plant

Once the fish has reached the perfect size, it will be moved to a top modern processing plant close to production, causing as little stress to the fish as possible. Here it will be packed into a finished product and transported to the European markets and the consumer table in no time.

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