Be brave
Take risks

Wild Atlantic salmon
Nothing can substitute experience
Nothing can substitute experience
We are the «fish makers» in the southernmost part of Norway, with a plan of producing lots of fresh, healthy and flavorful salmon, and to get it out into the world with as little impact on nature as possible.

Our values


We will contribute to better fish- and people health, producing clean and healthy food, without making an impact on nature.


The salmon industry has created thousands of jobs along the coast. And the Norwegians have taken a position as leaders in aquaculture. We in the South of Norway will contribute to keeping this leadership.


Entrepreneurs and pioneers need  courage and perseverance to succeed in business. We will face challenges head on, with a willingness to take calculated risks, learn from experience and  by finding sustainable and responsible solutions in collaboration.  Giving up is never an option. As you know; Viking blood runs through our veins.

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